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Banana Tartlets

20 May


250g plain flour (sifted)
50g soft margarine.
10 ripe bananas.
4tbsp sugar.
Cold water to mix.
12 ring cake tin.


1.Rub margarine into sifted flower.

2. Add cold water to form a dough.

3.Leave dough aside to stand.

4.Mix sugar with bananas and cook over a low heat (stirring continuosly)

5.Once the mixture is dark brown.Allow to cool.

6.Roll out pastry thinly and line them in the pastry tin,cutting off the trimmings.(Remember to grease the tin well)

7.Fill case with banana mixture

8.Roll the rest of the pastry trimmings into strips,to make a criss cross pattern on each tart.

9.Brush the tartlets with milk.

10.Bake in a pre-heated oven (200 c/Gas mark 4) for 20 minutes

Enjoy with hot cup of Mauritian Bois Cherie Tea!!!